Rutland Dismas House
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A Home for Former Prisoners

 "Without Dismas  I would never have made it. I truly mean that.
--Dismas Alumnus


Rutland Dismas House
103 Park Avenue
Rutland, VT 05701
Phone: (802) 775-5539

Terese Black, House Director

Geraldine Burke, Assistant House Director

Heather Ward, Assistant House Director



President:  Kathleen Ross
Vice President: Aaron Ashton
Secretary: Mary Wood


 Board Members:

Aaron Ashton
Dee Bort
Luther Brown
Marlene Burke
Marsha Fonteyn
Will Hunter
Dennis Jensen
Patricia Johnson
Frank McCaffrey
Shawn McMore
Mark Miller
Kathy Ross
Susan Stager
Phil Stephan
Mary Woods


*Dismas of Vermont is a non-profit (501c3) organization operating four small homes in Vermont, only. Dismas of Vermont is fully audited annually, and is unaffiliated with any other entity with "Dismas" in its name.